"Karen Whitaker is the best events person I have ever worked with and I have worked with some very, very good ones. What's amazing about Karen is her range. She'll find sites, negotiate the best possible price, do all the advance planning and then work as the onsite manager during the event. I recommend Karen to any organization that participates in events, regardless of organizational size or maturity."
Barb Ross, co-COO Wimba, Inc.
"Karen is the best event director I ever worked with. She is creative, methodical, strategic, and tactical and an outstanding leader. The events she supervised on my watch were well conceived, flawlessly executed and successful. I cannot stress enough what a valuable contribution she made to our overall success."
Steve Coppock, Executive Director of Marketing, Seagate Software
"I've worked with Karen for nearly three years and can easily, happily, and confidently state with complete-and-utter certainty that she is the most competent events director I have ever met - and likely ever will. From organizing entire conferences, to negotiating contracts, to building booths, to organizing teams, her attention to detail, know-how, and diligence is unparalleled. I have worked with other events 'experts' and Karen blows them all away; she should be in a category of her own. Whether you're a smaller, growing organization or a Fortune 100 juggernaut, I couldn't recommend someone more highly than I do Karen."
Matt Wasowski, Content Director – New York Comic Con BookExpo & BookCon Star Trek Mission at Reed Exhibitions 


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"Karen is an amazing powerhouse. She is always professional, enthusiastic, organized and completely focused on the customer's experience at all the event's I've been a part of. Our customer's love her sense of humor and attention to detail." 

Shelley Constant, Regional Sales Manager, Blackboard Collaborate